Profit & loss

Profit & loss

When you start reconciling bank statements against your invoices and expenses, your profit & loss figures will be automatically populated.

Click on the account codes to view all transactions for that account code. Click on a monthly figure to see all transactions for that month.

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    • Bank accounts

      Bank accounts are used when reconciling bank statements.  You can add as many as you need by simply going to "Setup > Finance > Bank Accounts".
    • Account codes

      Account codes are how you group your income and expenses for the Profit & Loss reporting. Account codes can be one of two types: Accounts Receivable - Money coming into your club from fees etc Accounts Payable - Money going out
    • Bank statements

      There are 2 ways to add bank statements: Importing Manual Importing To import a bank statement it must be in either CSV or basic Xls (no formulas or fancy row filters etc). On the bank statements page, click on the "Add one now" button and complete ...
    • Expenses

      Expenses are used in the profit and loss sections. When you reconcile your bank statement, what you are doing is matching the transactions on the statement to the expenses (and income) in the system so that the two "match up".
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      To have the ability to accept online credit and debit card payments from your members you need to setup a payment provider. We have teamed up with Stripe and it is free to get a Stripe account. To set this up, go to "Setup > Payment Providers" and ...